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david's really interesting pages | palaeoart, animation and stuff
david's really interesting pages | palaeoart, animation and stuff

Milt Kahl flips

Andreas Deja has been posting some great sequences from Milt Kahl. I felt compelled to flip through them, and so laid them out for digital flipping. Check Andreas’ site out for great inspiration. (Note: timing here is only intended to be like flipping.)


wheely tile


A quick test of the very cool, and very promising wheely, from Adam at mechanical color. Not quite the thing for tiles, but not far off either. And indispensable for auto wheels and such.

crow w.i.p.


Micah… he walks!

I’ve grabbed a rig that Blochi is sharing at the modo forum. You can grab it too and help make this Terry Pratchett project come to life.


Infinite Canvas: how to make tileable textures in modo

I’ve made a tutorial on creating tileable textures such as scales. It’s a simple trick I learned from Yazan (currently at the Foundry) and which is great for creating brushes for use in sculpting, etc.

Only an educated film fan is a real film fan

You want some film? Some good film? Learn what’s going on behind the scenes of your favorite films – which most likely rely heavily on vfx. Scott Ross and Scott Squires talk openly about the situation.

DuctTake; splice your video

YouTube Preview Image

What a fantastic research project – and presentation video. It not only makes me salivate at the thought of getting my hands on this type of functionality – easily splicing elements of different video takes together – but also exudes joyful creativity from the research team. Fantastic. From the ETH Zurich and the Disney Research team.

Kara’s Pine tree

Here’s a preview of an animation for the project I’m working on… one of the branch layers seems to have gotten doubled up.

The Mill; no apes harmed

Fantastic reconstruction of a chimpanzee from the mill, with very interesting insights into the technology used for muscle simulation, hair interaction and shading. Reminds me of why I prefer to work in stylized looks 🙂 I also have an inkling that there’s a primate union out there about to strike in protest to now having lost all their jobs.