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david's really interesting pages | palaeoart, animation and stuff
david's really interesting pages | palaeoart, animation and stuff



Bedtime for Baby






there are many more important things…

yet there are things hiding in my garden…IMG_5211sm
wherever one looks…
…even in plain sight.

news from the garden

A new guest :
A Hawfinch, or in German “Pit-Biter” (Kernbeisser).
Perhaps interested in these…

And the woodpecker family have become daily guests, hunting for treats on our tree.


babies everywhere… and a toad

meise_01 meise_02 toad05

venomous bluff and grass snakes

Tatjana and I rode along the dyke near our house, fighting the cold East wind. Suddenly, she veered to the side. Something darted from her path and she narrowly missed it. We walk back to investigate and discover… a worm-sized grass snake writhing angrily and flinging itself at these two wheeled apes hundreds of times its weight and size. It huffed aggressively, feinting with occasional air strikes. Most impressively, it flattened its jaws, creating a much more diamond-shaped head profile, marked with those yellow stripes. I was definitely unsure whether or not this was a venomous specimen in front of me or not.

I fumbled to get my camera out, using my zoom to get close-up photos while maintaining distance, but missed recording the performances’ heated begin. Below you see a video after he’d calmed down a bit. Seriously. What a performance!

Out on the Dyke

Some pics from our bike ride along the dyke yesterday… more about the hyper grass snake in a later post. Still getting accustomed to the Canon G3X (it’s tough to view in bright daylight) but giving some fantastic pics.
dyke_grassSn dyke_gull dyke_heron dyke_osprey

amsel in distress