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david's really interesting pages | palaeoart, animation and stuff
david's really interesting pages | palaeoart, animation and stuff

Tangled into a knot

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I have the feeling that Disney runs away from its own stylistic potential. As in Bolt, the innovative bold brush-styles that Disney has developed get pressed into smooth surfaces that are practically run-of-the-mill, as if they’re trying to emulate Dreamworks. At the very least, they’re not embracing their own heritage of bold npr (sic Tarzan). Why?
I could only watch this up to the Chameleon side-kick reveal. Its a feat to turn me off from something that has so much artistic talent oozing out of every frame.

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William Eggington says:

I loved the look of Bolt. The smooth blend between painted backgrounds and 3D characters worked nicely. There was still a huge variety of character designs to fit the personalities and the rendering was super slick. Very polished.

If you pause segments in this preview you can see lots of really slick set designs with bold colors and shapes. Blue fog. . . I think its a lot like a painting come to life than any of the Shrek movies. I think it all looks fantastic! Can’t wait. 🙂

Did you see How to train your dragon?

admin says:

“the rendering was super slick. Very polished.”

That’s the thing… I’ve seen the fantastic looking rough painterly look they were pursuing a few years back. The colors are fantastic, the lighting and textures… just – a bit too run of the mill. Disney has the keys to open whole new worlds, and I smell that their criteria in not opening it is not dedication to the room they’re standing in, but rather fear of what’s on the other side.
I won’t say anything about the story. Except. Sidekick. Chameleon.

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