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110108; Kentrosaurus


Ok… got bored with my face? Can’t blame ya. Here’s something to wake ya up again. This is Kent. He was happily picking fronds and fern buds from the cycads among the fern trees when he heard something in the bush. So he throws back his neck and dances from hand to hand until he figures out if it was a false alarm or not. If you think he’s being hypersenstitive then you haven’t been attacked by an Allosaurus lately.

There’s a white eye marking on that foremost plate. I figured if Kent is looking up over his shoulder that a lighter marking there might be mistaken for an eye and make Al more wary. Less attacks equals more eats equals better chances of passing the genes on, so an ‘eye’ develops there. Will be working this one out to a full illustration, so my daily images might get a bit repetitive for a while. This one took an hour, not including a 3D pose to work off of.

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schwungsau says:

nice !!

admin says:

Thanks. Have to keep up with you and Mara!

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