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david's really interesting pages | palaeoart, animation and stuff
david's really interesting pages | palaeoart, animation and stuff

110124; cycas

Speed yes, paint no. Even though its a photo, this took quite some time to get focus and tonal ranges into gear. A mild reminder that I have more to work on than drawing this year, and that cycads are freaky cool plants. After a dormant period so long we were beginning to suspect we’d bought some elaborate plastic decor, ours suddenly decided to shoot up a new crown. Those insides are succulent tender bits, outside are like metal slabs. Makes me wonder if Steg had neck armor as dinner attire more than as defense.

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Heinrich says:

I can’t say about stegosaurs, but sauropods would gobble the fronds whole. If you ferment them long enough they are not too shabby with regards to energy content 😉

see Hummel & Clauss papers (if you have them, if not leave a shout)

d maas says:

I believe Stegs are low to mid-level picky-browsers, so they’d be leaving the rough fronds and eating the fresh buds and reproductive growths. So they’d likely have structures to protect their eg. eyes when frond-diving for succulents.

Sauropods would suck in everything, so they’d have lips (and tongue and throat) hardened to get that stuff in and down.

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