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david's really interesting pages | palaeoart, animation and stuff
david's really interesting pages | palaeoart, animation and stuff

AAB; birds & bees


This is my first go at a hand out poster promoting the Ask a Biologist website, as requested by Dave Hone. Some out there might think of me as a destructive personality for doing something like this for free, but I’ll pass it on… Dave Hone’s then being destructive for doing the site on a shoestring budget. For the record,  I’ve abused reference photography that I found on the net, a font that I believe comes with Windows, but I’m not sure, and… And I don’t believe we should consider public service messages – to which I categorize outreach projects like this – as stringently as commercial gigs. Call me names if you like.

On to the poster:
I’ve stuck to the site’s C.I. as I find it very well-done and memorable. (Congrats to whomever – I stole your work here too.) I picked up on the potpourri character of the site by throwing some actual questions together – high and low brow formulations – that are reflected in a (hopefully) catchy headline. The site also invites you to browse answers and so encounter all sorts of weird information. I wanted to reflect that and so I included the question query numbers… I’m not sure people would be net-savvy enough to actually use them, so I added a hint in the same format – the “.com” by the logo. Not sure if this is good. I’m trying to extend a hand for those who might not know how to get to the site, but I think this is superfluous nowadays.

Anyway – would love to hear what you think, about the poster and about doing something like this for a beer. (Yes, you owe me a beer, Dave! But I won’t hold the high res version until getting it. Just send me change requests / feedback and I’ll send it.)

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Peter says:

Hey David, love the image, especially the headline! Any hint at the “birds and bees” will draw attention!

One thing though, the website for AAB is http://www.askabiologist.CO.UK, not .COM, so that small .com could be quite misleading!

Anyway, thanks for being the first one out of the gate!

d maas says:

dot.com? What are you talking about!? Lol! Thanks for catching that… me = tired.

Dave Hone says:

HI David,

No doubt people will call you names, but I won’t be the one to start! And yes, I do owe you a beer (or more than one) for this, many thanks.

The logo and concept was there to be stolen for these kinds of things so no need to apologise. For those interested, it was this guy: http://www.garybristow.com/

Finally, criticism. Nothing really. As mentioned the address is .org.uk, and the orange of logo looks a bit dark (thought maybe that’s the black background of DRIP making it look so).

But basically it’s great. Clear, concise, refers to real questions, shows off the range of what we do, makes it fun and pretty, bright and friendly. Exactly the kind of thing I had in my head when I sent out the appeal. Many, many thanks!


d maas says:

Thanks for the feedback. Gary’s done a great job with the C.I. And I think it’s commendable what you guys have done with the site.

I’ll try to get some more done as time permits… need to come up with more catchy headlines. Peter: any ideas?

d maas says:

@Dave – updated: org.uk
/me slaps himself silly

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