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Corel 11

Another interesting sofware release, this time from Corel… I’m currently checking out their tilt-senstive brush fibres. I’ve been wanting this from Art Rage for some time… (there you have a slider to set tilt, no live feedback from the pen).

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Heri says:

servas alter wuerstelbrater !

did not know thats you have new webblog….
really nice !!

did check out tvpaint ?!

its like the good old amiga “DeluxePaint” plus really painting option and many more…
perfect for 2d animation…..


admin says:

Yeah, I like tvPaint quite a bit. Still, I miss true advancements in hand-drawn animation… but then, I have to. I’m presenting this topic at this year’s FMX. 🙂

Heri says:

buts its shame i can be on the FMX 🙁

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