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david's really interesting pages | palaeoart, animation and stuff
david's really interesting pages | palaeoart, animation and stuff

3d viewing archives online?

With all the progress in photogammetry going on (visit here, or at Heinrich‘s for more) one wonders how the front end of all the created digital forms might look, how accessible and exchangeable the created meshes might be. Ideally, there would be a system:

  • accessible via internet
  • without the need to install plugins
  • which would allow for extensive meta-tagging
  • even at the level of vertice-based hot-spots
  • and meta-linkable with other web-based services such as Mike Keesey’s PhyloPic
  • ultimately becoming a navigable, indexable 3D library networked with scientific pdfs, blogs and phylogenetic trees.

Well, that’s a tall order. With all these ideas in mind, I point you to p3d. Here’s a guide for more information. Apparently, a good number of the above-mentioned criteria are met: a social platform with image, video and 3D mesh support with extensive meta-tagging opportunities that requires no plug-in. Now… where’s the vertice-based hot-linking?

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Heinrich says:

“Sorry, your graphics card does not support WebGL”

anyways, in an ideal world this would be an ideal aim 🙂

d maas says:

That’s interesting. What graphic card do you have (NVidia / Ati)?

drip | david’s really interesting pages… says:

[…] about the 3Dweb format that I highlighted earlier, thanks to Robin Ebser. Click Lee Perry Smith’s head above to visit mrDoob’s three.js […]

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