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Paul Debevec;

Paul Debevec is perhaps the most influential of the pioneers of photogrammetry techniques (and holograms… and hdrs / exrs… and… ) and I can’t imagine anyone who has a greater understanding of the information contained in light and how to access it. Now you can learn from the master. fxphd is offering access to its courses – including interviews with Paul Debevec – for only $199. Worth. It.

Read more about it here, and soak up Mike Seymour’s video interview with Paul discussing the infamous light stage.

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schwungsau says:

Fiat Lux was 1997 ? woww time is running fast..

d maas says:

Seriously. To think how much the industry is now based on these techniques, they’re not that old. To think how long ago it feels like they’ve been introduced however, makes me feel…. old.


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