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NOT Illustration

Richard Peters is the 2012 Veolia Environment Wildlife Photographer of the Year for the category mammal. Congratulations for this stunning image! When I saw it, it immediately hit me not only as a fantastic image of a pouncing fox, but also as an illustration of what is NOT illustration. The framing is gorgeous. It shifts the focus from the subject of a Red Fox to themes like gravity, concentration and willpower. I can’t imagine an illustration that would ever be able to tackle something like this. Even if you were bold enough to frame a image like this, it would be suspected of being construed. Artificial. Photography is spontaneous and celebrates the happy accident to a degree that figurative illustration can not. Agree?

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Traumador the Tyrannosaur says:

I agree. A little bit of mimicry of photography can be accomplished, but not to this degree I suspect. You’d need to inlcude at least another 25% of the fox to get away with it I think

d maas says:

It’s interesting to note illustrations that approach the edge of construed… for me, Henderson’s image of a Plesiosaur backlit in a breaking wave gets pretty much up on the line. And it’s interesting to see how well that comes across. It’s consistently mentioned as a highlight of the new ‘best paleoart’ book. Makes me want to push that line more.

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