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Mark Witton Pterosaurs; Preorder!

Well, the Brits may be leaving the European Union, but that won’t keep me from buying Mark Witton’s Pterosaurs in Euros. This one has been high on my list since I heard that it was in the works about a year ago. I am anxious to see how much of his blog tone he allows into the book. As far as I’m concerned, it can be all-in – I love the way Mark writes. I’ve thought about the various amounts of personal voice paleontologists use in their online writing and Mark is unique in writing out of the guy-next-door voice, but always and only as a build up to some scientific tidbit via a loopy derailment of that infamous train-of-thought, so that I always read with a joyful anticipation of that reveal.

He also is one of my favorite artists, so this book is MINE.

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