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david's really interesting pages | palaeoart, animation and stuff
david's really interesting pages | palaeoart, animation and stuff

Chalk – Lucinda Schreiber

Have a look at this animation by Lucinda Schreiber.
No… its not a fancy tech-fest. It’s nearly retro in its usage of chalk animation. I find it wonderfully engaging, though – the artist cleverly incorporates the medium’s association with chalkboards and education to underscore the song’s central theme of communication and memory to layer her film. In the beginning, one girl whispers in the ear of another, who whispers in the ear of another (text: tell me all you know) until finally a bird flies from her ear. The bird flies from one chalkboard to another and another, suddenly transformed to an owl.

Throughout the film, transformation combines nicely with theĀ  to win a larger meaning felt through the materiality of chalk; an eye becomes a boat, sails away from its face and finally docks on a new face. Each drawing leaves its trace in smeared chalk and powder which gathers on the chalkboard’s frame, material artifacts very much in keeping with the song’s sentimental occupation with memory.

Watch it, and share your thoughts.

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Daniel says:

truly amazing! thanks for sharing…

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