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Somewhere over the rainbow…


Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been absent lately. Indeed, I’ve been … gone.

Well, more than gone. Whisked away by the first tornado spout I’ve ever seen in Germany. It was an awkward mini-storm, hardly deserving the name. And certainly of only distant relation to the beast that had me cowering in a storm cellar in Minnesota for two hours. We drove right past this one, fascinated because there was no storm front, no cloud base to speak of. Yet there it was.



It did manage to whisk me and Tatjana off to a strange, docile land where steak-sized meals pave the forests, begging to be honored with digestion. Just as we’d first arrived, we saw that we’d decapitated this fellow. We’ve been trying to make amends. He tasted fantastic.

Since then we’ve been having some remarkable encounters with the local fauna, one of wish I’m particularly eager to share with you …… and here it is. I’ve made contact with the forest spirits.


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Pam says:

very WONDERFUL to see you are taking time to Live your Life with the Love of your Life!
Why was the mushroom moving?

dmaas says:

We were in discussion. :-)

Ilene says:

Wow! what a mushroom……
Pics look very nice … good to hear from you.

dmaas says:

We found even larger ones, but they weren’t edible.
This one tasted like steak. Makes you realize that store-bought mushrooms taste like … nothing.

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