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david's really interesting pages | palaeoart, animation and stuff
david's really interesting pages | palaeoart, animation and stuff

biomodel: generic gorgonopsian

So I’m modeling a gorgonopsid for Christian Kammerer. A bunch of them, actually. And I’ve started with a biomechanical model. Not a skeleton. Skeletons are a lot of work, but there are more convincing arguments to come up with an abstracted model of the skeleton… we often do not have skeletons, or they have to be reconstructed from shards, from deformed shapes, etc. So I want a model that communicates that this is an abstracted form, and let’s me get on to work.

My plan is to then create a generic base gorgonopsid ‘meat’ mesh, and adapt that for each of the species. Of course, I’m not very knowledgeable about therapsids, so… questions:

  • is this halfway reasonable? It would be good to get any critique of generic pose, limb sprawl, proportions etc now or early.
  • The limbs are really hacked, but are they acceptable? Are these guys plantigrade?
  • I’d like to show the mouth somehow, not for RAWR, but because we only really have the heads of these guys and they are bizarre. Did they really have palatal teeth?
  • Which is your favorite? Dinogorgon and Smilesaurus are badass, but I’m thinking I’ll start with a more plain vanilla Rubidgeinae

Feedback welcome!


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Craig Dylke says:

Good to see you active again 😉

This looks really good.

dmaas says:

Hi Craig! I’ve been active… also with palaeo stuff. Most intensely with ammonites. The specific graphics I made are still under NDA. Once I have time I will be expanding on the concepts and will show here soonish.

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