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david's really interesting pages | palaeoart, animation and stuff
david's really interesting pages | palaeoart, animation and stuff

the Rights of Wronged Perspective.


Perspective 101: draw a telephone pole midway between the two poles above.
Then guess its position…wrong_02

The knowing artist (or the 3D artist) can quickly calculate the correct position…

And places a pole that looks…. wrong:
The eye has a difficult time accepting the correct position as the true middle. So the experienced artist goes one step further and cheats a more acceptable result:

Much better, even if its wrong. This age-old example reveals a truth about stylized look development that comes naturally to traditional artists and less so to 3D artists… right is sometimes wrong. I suspect this has to do with the exclusion of fine-level detailing that would anchor the positions in a realistic scale and space. Without these supporting details, the eye questions otherwise correct positons, balancing them with empty space and compositional aspects of the image.

Right can be Wrong: once you accept this principal, however, countless opportunities to ‘right’ 3D wrongs pop up. I’ll be posting some cheats here…

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Pam says:

Well, now I know another secret to good sight! (other than carrots)

Your snail mail letter was returned yesterday. I will re envelope it with your correct address. I may be slow, but I keep at it!

I hope your trip was awesome and your new year is fantastic!

drip | david’s really interesting pages… says:

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