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david's really interesting pages | palaeoart, animation and stuff
david's really interesting pages | palaeoart, animation and stuff

Edge; interfacing infinity

A technical platform that allows infinite stylistic opportunities? An interface allowing for instinctive, creative access to these opportunities? Here an excerpt from an interview with David “The Edge” Evans (It Might get Loud). If you’d like a glimpse into my inner world, exchange “piano” with “photo-realism”. (Translation from German DerSpiegel Nr.35/24.8.09 by yours truly)

The Edge: A piano always sounds like a piano. The guitar was transformed into something new when it became electric – and we’re still exploring what it is. The guitar in itself isn’t enough, its the ability to hook it up with all these effects that’s changed the sound. The wah-wah pedal, the fuzzbox. Electricity has been transformed into sound. That’s what it is. A saxophone is a saxophone. But when you hook up an electric guitar you have infinite possibilities.

Spiegel: In the film, your roadie says the effects board is your brain. Why do you choose to control it with the guitar?

The Edge: It’s very instinctive. That’s why it’s such a wonderful medium to express feelings and ideas.

I can’t wait to explore the guitar of NPR.

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Walt Griffin says:

To make your mark, drop the paint brushes and pickup a sandblaster.

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