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david's really interesting pages | palaeoart, animation and stuff
david's really interesting pages | palaeoart, animation and stuff

artEvolved Sauropod challenge… v0.1

Thought I’d share this advance view of a piece I hope to finish for the sauropod challenge at ArtEvolved. If you’re at all interested in paleoart, dinosaurs or evolution you should head over and either take part or subscribe. There are also ample links and previous challenge galleries… very cool.
What fascinates me about sauropods are their progression into these huge beasts. I’m hoping to manage 3 models; thecodontosaurus, plateosaurus and supersaurus. The plateosaurus physiology is based on the wonderful sculptures at the Stuttgart Museum of Natural History. If anyone knowledgeable has any tips or observations, please share… I’m new to paleoart.
edit: new composition. This one pushes the focus more effectively on the beginnings… whatcha think?

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admin says:

hmmm…. supersaurus seems to be just another diplodicus. The sources here are somewhat confusing to the layman paleo fan.

Brad McFeeters says:

Supersaurus is a distinct genus, more closely related to Apatosaurus than to Diplodocus. “Seismosaurus” is the one that turned out to be Diplodocus.

Plateosaurus is now considered bipedal by many palaeontologists.

admin says:

Thanks for that, Brad! Just got the book Dinosaurs by Dr. Thomas R. Holtz, Jr…
p.195 states: “In the past, some very big individuals of Diplodicus were mistakenly identified as new species – such as Supersaurus and Seismosaurus.”

SkeletalDrawing.com also had a Supersaurus and that site seems very up-to-date. Confusion, confusion. In general I feel it quite impossible (at least without internet correspondence) to maintain scientific validity as a non-scientist artist. so… hope you’ll drop by often.

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