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david's really interesting pages | palaeoart, animation and stuff
david's really interesting pages | palaeoart, animation and stuff

Plateosaurus w.i.p.

Here’s plateosaurus discofloorus… now modeled, uv’ed and preparing to get painted. This checkerboard texture is for checking the uv surface distribution. I’m taken by the relation to early theropods and am ditching Pantydraco for Panphagia Protos. Not because of the name, no – but because I’d like to eventually get an Eoraptor in there… a sort of parting ways composition with the descendants (Plateosaurus, Supersaurus) in the background alluding to what’s to come. Not a scenic composition as much as a dramatized infographic.
Things I’m wondering about: How theropod-like were plateosaurus legs? How thickish were they? Why are the claws so often shown as curved against the ground? Did plateosaurus have raised spine scutes? What plants did they eat (hopefully offering clues as to what they used that thumb spike for)?
Wondering… any feedback? (edit below the fold)

Lip-less? Discussing this with Craig and the community at ArtEvolved. I’ve just become a member, so – head over and take part.


update 2 – Diplodocus:

update 2 – Diplodocus sculpted: He’s so large that all that detail seems lost. And thats only the mid-level detail. All the scales and color is yet to come…

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Traumador the Tyrannosaur says:

i love that “sector” check pattern you’re using! (i don’t know what the offical name for shader checking, so i personally call them shading sector checks)

my technic is somewhat primitive as you can see at http://prehistoric-insanity.blogspot.com/2008/04/3d-graphics-how-to-texture-dinosaur.html

in fact that is my entire shading process still (that post was 1.5 years ago!… i don’t do anything the same anymore except them)

so once again i’m learning stuff from you, good sir. much appreciated! expect my brachi to have a similar check in the near future

admin says:

Hard-won experience has taught me to test uv distribution before going on to painting or sculpting textures. I’ve wasted SO much time on maps that I’ve had to redo evrything due to mis-matched or stretching resolutions…

Traumador the Tyrannosaur says:

very nice Dip.

how long he take to sculpt?

admin says:

i was able to re-use about 30% of plateosaurus… was aiming for more, but they’re just too different. (Would have been cool to have been able to morph from one to the other.)
To this point (11:00 pm and I’ve just finished the uv maps) exactly 13.50 hours (I use a time-tracker). Plateosaurus is at 15.65 hours.

Hmmm… I thought Plateo would be more. The texturing will take a good deal of time. Will see how that goes.

admin says:

added a new wip…

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