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david's really interesting pages | palaeoart, animation and stuff
david's really interesting pages | palaeoart, animation and stuff

Brett Booth; comic Dinos

Brett Booth launched an interesting discussion at his blog – which is well worthvisiting for the fantastically detailed theropod drawings, as seen above. Brett comments about his work being referred to as ‘comic booky’. As he is a professional comic book artist, he says, not very surprising. But what elements of his style trigger the association with comic book art? And how does this association affect the perception of his imagery? Apparently, the association questions the credulity, and Brett goes on to explain the plausibility of the very cool-looking quills and feather-like coverings he dons his dinosaurs in. As it turns out, they are in keeping with much modern research as to the relationship to feathered specimens such as protobirds and also with proposed thermal regulation of juvenile specimens. They are also well-thought out and – quite frankly – cool.
Which is another association with comics art. Its visually exciting. And so Brett manages to package knowledge of the science with pop-culture – something I find commendable.

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drip | david’s really interesting pages… says:

[…] Yesterday, I wrote about Brett booth’s comic-style theropods, and today I encountered a small wave of images that I find relevant. First off, Brett posted some true comic dinosaurs, the first time his two disciplines overlapped. Typical in comics work, Brett had little say in story (sentient Dromeosaurs survive in Cryobooths to attack humanity) or color (”they couldn’t pull off anything but green and brown”) and the load was heavy (22 pages on a tight schedule). Check his paleoart out in yesterday’s post. […]

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