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Filters usually adjusts a pixel based on the values of neighboring pixels with the goal of controlling the image’s representative quality in some creative manner. But what happens when you through representation to the wind? Inspired by losslessprocessing, author of the animated Hiroshi Sugimoto image rewrite above, Mikael¬†Hvidtfeldt¬†Christensen got some groovy stuff. The rules are simple:

  1. Pick two pixels from a random column. Swap them if the upper pixel has a higher hue than the lower pixel.
  2. Pick two pixels from a random row. Swap them if the left pixel has a higher saturation (or brightness) than the right pixel.
  3. Repeat the above steps until the image converges.

The results are fantastic. Here are a few, left the original, right the result.californian-desert




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Matt VR says:

Those are fantastic, they’re like an interpretation of place using colour and tone.


Oliver says:

WOW! Der Hammer…

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