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david's really interesting pages | palaeoart, animation and stuff
david's really interesting pages | palaeoart, animation and stuff

david maas

When this blog began, it was strictly defined by news and musings about non-photorealism. I also launched a group to this effect at LinkedIn called LookLovers. Non-photorealism has since led me to paleoart, and that has led me to digital publishing. So my activities are evolving, and with them my blog.
I’m a guest lecturer and project advisor at the Institute of Animation, Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg. I am an animator / illustrator straddling both 2D and 3D technologies and am pursuing an NPR (non-photorealistic) production-environment called drawdee

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Paul Hartsuyker says:

David Maas, Hello…
I haven’t heard of your efforts lately, enjoyed the animation with chalk, very inventive. I just found this link on a modo forum and re-posted it to the Lightwave forum and BlenderArtists.org forum, but thought to send along a direct notice to you, as I don’t see too many NPR articles posted, and one that talks about “temporal coherence”…. well I think of you.
Best to you.

Diego Matho says:

Hi David,
the aQtree link above doesn’t work – leads to an Error 404. And, upon entering aqtree.de, the page redirects to an empty page (http://www.drawdee.com/) with yet another error message in German (“ZUGRIFF NICHT ERLAUBT”).

Hope all’s well.


. d .

d maas says:

Hi Diego, thanks. I’ll try to get a page up with the visuals so that drawdee doesn’t look so… dead.

"Dr." S Beckmann says:

Greetings Earthling!
Saw your comment over on Scott Hartman’s blog and thought I’d venture on over here to invite you to OUR website/blog whenever you have the time. Please excuse me while I do some blatant advertising: It’s been reviewed as ‘Jurassic Park’ meets ‘The Office’ in a tongue-in-cheek look at what would have happened if Michael Crichton’s vision was actually undertaken by morons.
The Introduction site is
Come on over sometime for a chuckle or two. Thanks!
BTW- nice blog!

d maas says:

Plugged your site! Love the take on Scott Hartman’s fisher.

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