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david's really interesting pages | palaeoart, animation and stuff
david's really interesting pages | palaeoart, animation and stuff

Formlabs hi-res 3D printer set to start shipping

For $3,299 and what I would expect to be a load of customs hassle. They also have a rebate on the resin, down from $149 per liter. Anyone getting one of these, please let me know! Would love to hear about your experience. Below a link to the video: Check the video out at the site linked to above.

quality 3D print for $3000

Sign of the times: quality 3D printing with resin (as opposed to plastic beading technologies) is becoming affordable, now thanks to a kickstarter project in the range of 3000 US dollars. Form1 is a sign of things to come, and even though some are uncertain about the solidity of the kickstarter financing model the goals have been dramatically overachieved. Perfect for printing handy organic shapes like skeletons. Me wants.

3D robot dinosaurs!

Kenneth Lacovara, a paleontologist at Drexel University is 3D printing bones and putting them together in robotic dinosaur models. Where do I order? gizmag has the story…

Smithsonian clones collection

Where will all this photogammetry lead? Well, Smithsonian is forging ahead with 3D printing its collection to increase public access. It’s only a matter of time before museums offer variable scale dinosaur skeletons for home printing. Where do I order?

I’ll take two Tyrannosaurs, please…

At the risk of outing myself as a hopeless tech optimist… I am a tech optimist. The idea of 3D printing something as large as a house is simply fantastic, and recent advancements in this technology will really change things alot for palaeoartists/sculptors.

Also a fantastic personal story highlighting the cost that innovators often pay, so well worth checking out.

Printed skeletons, anyone?

Thanks to dentistry and materials research, printing bones is no longer a thing of the future. (Hit the image to zap over to gizmag) Got a nice archosaur skeletal? Print it!Now all we need is a tendon, muscles and organs printer, with that follow-up spark-of-life button.